Welcome to Game of Life 3D!

The Game of Life 3D is a multi-platform application designed to visualize the possibilities of Conway's game of life in 3 dimensions.

About the App

Have you ever wondered what Conway's game of life would be like in 3D? Game of Life 3D brings this concept to life, allowing you to explore various simulation geometries and rule sets, diving deep into the cellular automata in three dimensions.


  • 3D Simulations: Discover new behaviors and gliders in 3D space.
  • Customizable Rules: Experiment with how small rule changes can significantly impact the simulation outcomes.
  • Interactive Tools: Use built-in tools to craft initial conditions, patterns, and rules for your simulations.
  • Unlimited Simulations: There's no limit to the number of simulations you can create and explore.


Take a look at some of the fascinating patterns and simulations possible with Game of Life 3D.

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Ready to dive into the third dimension of cellular automata? Download Game of Life 3D now and begin your exploration!

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Want to learn more?

We have created many videos about the app, including tutorials and interesting phenomena possible in the simulations. See the full list of videos here:

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